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Grammar revision course

Solid knowledge about English grammar is key to feeling confident using the language. This especially applies to speaking and writing English, but also everyday usage.

Our ONE ENGLISH Grammar revision course helps you brush up on a wide range of topics in an enjoyable yet effective way. Topics can include correct tense usage, conditionals, the most common mistakes of German native speakers or passive and reported speech. However, these are just example topics and we will tailor the topics in the course to the specific requests and needs of the group.

This course specifically presents students with the opportunity to put forward what they want to focus on and helps you put it into immediate practice and develop productive skills. This is also why we can highly recommend joining a Grammar revision course as preparation for a certificate course like IELTS or a Cambridge course.

Grammar revision course details

Our main objective with our Grammar revision course is to ensure our students feel confident using English grammar productively.

Students are required to have a minimum high A2/B1 level to start the course.

If you’re not familiar with these abbreviations, click here to read our pdf English levels explained.

If you’re not sure about your English level, you should take our ONE ENGLISH placement test, send it to us via email and we will correct and give you feedback about your current level.

Our course is divided in two different parts:

The first part of the course (week 1- week 12): we focus on the following grammar topics:

  • all of the present tenses
  • all of the past tenses
  • all of the future tenses
  • passive forms
  • prepositions of time and place
  • countable and uncountable nouns
  • articles
  • pronouns and possessive determiners
  • relative clauses
  • modals

Halfway through the course (week 13 and week 14) : we organise a mid-course progress test and progress meeting with your teacher to discuss how much you have progressed and what you could do to improve. Furthermore, your teacher will discuss possible future exam courses, if interested and how realistic it would be to join an exam course.  (week 13 and 14)

The second part of the course (week 15- week 26): we focus on the following grammar topics:

  • modal perfect
  • so, such, too and enough
  • comparatives and superlatives
  • conditionals
  • reported speech
  •  wishes
  • gerund and infinitive forms
  • both, neither, either, so, nor
  • the causative

 The Grammar Revision course lasts for approx. 2hrs  x 26 weeks


In the Grammar Revision course we deal with a variety of grammar topics such as

  • English tense usage
  • Conditionals
  • Reported speech
  • Passive forms
  • so much more……

We will tailor the topics in the course to the specific wishes and needs of the group.

We do not only focus on the grammar textbook. We always try to lighten up the grammar lessons with varied elements. These include games and various activities that provide a productive approach to the language in an entertaining way.

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Course fee starting at…

  • What is included in this price?
    • Textbook and exercise book, personalized ONE ENGLISH teaching material, advice on the various examination options
  • What is not included in this price?
    • If you want to take an exam after our course, participation fees will be charged (by the external organizer of the exam).

Upcoming course dates

Time slot: Tuesday 18:00-20:00

Start date: 14th September 2021

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    Example topics in the Grammar revision course

    Past tenses,
    present tenses,
    future tenses

    Modal verbs

    Common mistakes of German native speakers



    Passive and reported speech

    Gerunds and infinitives


    These are some example topics. We tailor the topics to the specific requests and needs of the group.